has anyone tried EditDV 2.0 for Windows?

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Has anyone tried EditDV 2.0 for Windows? How does it work? What PC video cards, hard drives, etc. are best?

-- Christie Davis (chrisden@earthlink.net), December 06, 1999


1.0 user experience

I haven't upgraded to 2.0 yet because I'm still rather miffed about having to pay for the upgrade. I was one of the first users of 1.0 and as far as I'm concernced, it should have been their .9 release and 2.0 should have been their 1.0 release. There were some nasty problems for which you needed to find workarounds on your own because you could never reach their tech support staff. I'm not saying that the software isn't powerful because it is. But if they don't change their caveat emptor attitude, they will have a heck-of-a-time selling follow-through products. A 66-DMA motherboard is an absolute requirement for video capture.

-- Lloyd Johnson (lj@commercepath.com), December 13, 1999.

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