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I am a writer for a harness racing (horse racing) magazine. I'm working on a piece about the psychology of being involved in this sport on a daily basis ... the effects of competition on the "four-legged" participants of harness racing ... owners, trainers, drivers, caretakers, etc.

I think the nature of the sport of poses several interesting questions when viewed under the microscope of sports psych.

I'M LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO SPEAK WITH and POSSIBLY INTERVIEW VIA PHONE for this feature article. It would be a real gem if I could find someone in the sports psych field who also has an interest, and some knowledge about harness racing. BUT I WOULD BE PLEASE TO HEAR FROM ANYONE WILLING TO PARTICIPATE.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please indicate so via email.

Thanks so much!

-- Kelly Spencer (, December 08, 1999

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