G4 Final Cut Pro Online Suite - $100 Venice, CA.

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Hassle Free DV Editing On the Cheap. Online quality DV projects in the comfort of a quiet Venice bungalow for only $100 a day

400MHZ G4 Engine Final Cut Pro Non-Linear Package 256 Mg RAM 73 GIG high speed hardrive Apple Triniton Monitor

Sony GVD300 DV Deck. Stereo Surround Sound

Our system is very streamlined and easy to use. Theres one deck, one computer, no b.s. Do your full res online, and output straight to DV with timecode, and youre good to go. We also have ProTools if you need to do a sound mix. And if you need to shoot we have a complete DV camera package that we rent for $100 a day. It includes...

1999 Sony TRV 900 Camera Sennheiser ME-66 All nessecary cabling...and some filters all in one easy to deal with pelican case.

Contact John @ 310-452-0909 or email...jjland@earthlink.net

-- Jo Landrum (jjland@earthlink.net), December 08, 1999

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