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I think I have a brownie camera. the leather strap across the top of the black metal box says #2 filmpack hawk-eye. Use filmpack #520. Inside it has 2 reflectors and one shutter. The inside says it takes a: No, 2 Film Pack Hawk-Eye 2/14 by 3 1/4. Patents Pending Made in U.S.A. by Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N.Y. Does anybody know how much this might be worth or what kind of camera it is? Noelle

-- Noelle Bonnin (, December 09, 1999


It's not a Brownie!

Hi Noelle,

I think your camera is an Eastman #2 Film-Pack Hawkeye! It seems that this is the only metal box with no covering that took #520 Film-Pack film with the Eastman and Hawkeye name on it. It was made from 1922-1925 and has an estimated value of $15-30 US.

Hawkeye was originated by the Boston Camera Company until 1890 when they were bought out by the Blair Camera Company. Eastman Kodak bought Blair out in 1907 and started the Blair Camera Division in Rochester, NY. The cameras continued to be made but after World War 1 most models were made for premium sales only and weren't listed in regular catalogs.

-- Chuck (, December 10, 1999.

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