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Karl Feilder, CEO of Greenwich Mean Time, increased his Y2K prediction to a 9 for December from an 8. Here's why from another source. I'm a 9.5.........


-- PJC (, December 10, 1999


Here's Karl Feilder's December quote from Russ Kelly Y2K experts poll.

(December 1999): Most governments and large corporates have realised that they have done too little, but rather than tell their customers and the public have decided that spin control is a better path. We'll all see next year - let's hope that the media has the courage and tenacity to get to the heart of this accurately.

Goin' to Home Depot for kerosene......

-- PJC (, December 10, 1999.

The latest from Karl F.

Sinking in a lake of complacency

-- PJC (, December 10, 1999.

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