We're Closer Now, what d0you think?

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Hello, I work it the IT industry in the UK. We have 24 hours standby from new year's eve until the 6 January 2000.

-- Judith Cooneu (Fastrackjc@aol.co,uk), December 12, 1999


Good luck ;-)

-- a programmer (a@programmer.com), December 12, 1999.

Isn't it possible that on New Year's Day... nothing much will happen?

That would convince everyone that y2k was a big nothing, & it would set them up for the REAL problems to come later in the month. After we've all relaxed.

Watched pots don't boil, after all, & this could just be the most carefully-watched non-event in history.

That's my scenario. It involves being teased by my co-workers on the first week of January. Then, a few days later, the power goes out... & stays out.

-- but who (the@hell.knows), December 12, 1999.

Why would it not go out on Rollover but go out later? The embeddeds are harder to FOF than the software.

-- reason (early@Sunday.morning), December 12, 1999.

Because you do work in the IT industry why don't you start by telling us what you think?




-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), December 12, 1999.

I'm still firmly in the 7-9 camp...

-- Mad Monk (madmonk@hawaiian.net), December 12, 1999.

Embeddeds will go out first. That will be a 4 or 5. Then the rest will go garbage in garbage out.

-- Mara (MaraWayne@aol.com), December 12, 1999.

Judith: Do you like to mudwrestle?

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), December 12, 1999.

KOS: I don't know about Judith, but my Y2k bunker includes a giant mudpuddle with 6 tall amazon babes that like nothing better than wrastlin. So gather up all your MREs, your rifle, a couple of extra space blankets, and come join us!

-- soapie (soapie@suds.com), December 12, 1999.

It's all going down. In the middle of 1998 I used to be a 7+. Now I only hope it's a 9.


-- Todd Detzel (detzel@jps.net), December 12, 1999.

but who,

What you have described is much like the "fireworks" scene during halftime at the Homecoming football game in the movie "Coneheads." When Mrs. Conehead volunteers her husband to provide the fireworks display the crowd boos as the "little" sparkler fizzles into the night. The next shot you see is their hair all standing on end when the time delay kicks in and the real"big bang" display begins. It was a great movie scene. I expect the polly reaction to be much the same. Hope I'm wrong!

-- (snowleopard6@webtv.net), December 12, 1999.

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