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Ok, I have two 450mhz PII w/h 512 megs of ram each + four ast, 9.1 UW2 Scsi 10,000 rpm drives. Also, I use Matrox G400 and ATI Rage Fury 32mb AGP cards(Fire GL 3000 too)I have been doing music for years but now I want to make some videos to go along with. So I need a little help on finding what card and edit software to get. I'am more into B&W and vintage style film look (8, 16, 35mm) I heard Cinelook and AgedFilm are a good plug-in to start with, Can you help fill in the rest? Have looked at many cards and all seem Ok and not Ok, You know what I mean. Jim......

-- TEAMROCK 2000 (, December 14, 1999

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