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I have George Washington Morgan born June 4, ???? Married Molly Jane McDonald ? she died Nov.2,1926. George remarried to Martha Jane Helms ? Okay Molly and George had a son William Joseph born March 16,1892. George and Martha had three children Fannie Jane, George Lewis (Buck) and Luther Jackson. OKay William Joseph Married Dora Irene Caskey Oct.13,1914 Their first born G. W.(George Washington) is buired in Clarks Grove Church Cemetery In Stanly Co. I have from W.J. down. Need from W.J. up. My father George David was born in Stanfield in 1921, so I believe they were still there. Any help will be grateful!

-- Billy Paul Morgan (, December 15, 1999


Mistake on Martha Jane Helms. He Married Martha Jane Newsome/Newsom. Not Helms.

-- Billy Paul Morgan (, June 15, 2001.

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