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Saw something at my local grocery store here in South Texas ...

I was waiting in line to pay my electricity bill when I just happened to glance over at the stores computerized time clock. To the left of the clock was a posted article when said (in effect):

To all employees:

All schedule requests for the first two week in January are to be handed in no later than Dec 26. We are asking all departments to submitt lists of those employees who have checker training and will be willing to assist if additional lanes need to be opened.

I was sort of surprised by the notice, since I worked for the chain last year, and I did work the New Years Weekend of 1998. I remember the store was vacant for most of the weekend, since most people had clear the place out of snacks and booze earlier. My only guess is that they are planning on a HUGE demand for groceries in the first few weeks in Jan. I still have a few friend in the chain, so I will see if they know anything

-- MMireles (, December 16, 1999


Also I'd expect it's alot harder to get employees who wanna work those days this year. Foks wanna be home with their families if they can afford it.

-- Hokie (, December 16, 1999.

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