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I am about to get a Powerbook G3 400 MHz 128MB 6GB, firewire 2go, VST 6gb firewire drive and Premier 5.1c. I whant to edit my 20 min. short and then feed it back in to a SONY trv900 and for it to be my master tape. Is this posible? Am I missing somethig? I am just starting out and really need some help. Thanks.

-- Armando Escalante (, December 16, 1999


u have it all

you have everything you need to edit your movie. Just plug the 900's firewire into the back of the g3 start premiere and use the "capture movie" to bring it all in and "export to tape" to send it back. dont render the movie cause it will just waste your time.

-- patrick Johnson (, January 19, 2000.

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