Y2K Alert for Southeast US

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An employee of Publix supermarket has said that they will be open until midnight beginning December 26. This is unheard of even when a hurricane is approaching.

The reason? To give more people time to stock up for Y2K.

Note: Not verified with management or company.

-- the Virginian (1@1.com), December 18, 1999


Misleading headline but interesting just the same. Thanks for posting.

-- Irving (irvingf@myremarq.com), December 18, 1999.

Sorry, didn't mean for have a misleading headline.

-- the Virginian (1@1.com), December 18, 1999.

I live in the Southeast and was in Publix tonight.

I saw a freshly stocked 1/3 isle of bottled water. The sugar had just been re-stocked as well. (7:00 pm on a Saturday night is NOT the normal time they re-stock shelves. They must have been near empty earlier.)

Most of the sterno was sold out and all of their hurricane lamps were sold out. (I shop at Publix regularly and have been keeping an eye on those "dusty" sterno cans and hurricane lamps on the top shelf.)

Coffee and tea isles were about half empty.

It's obvious to me, someone other than me has FINALLY figured it out, here in the Southeast.

-- GoldReal (GoldReal@aol.com), December 18, 1999.

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