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State Department preps Y2K evacuation teams

Posts overseas ready to respond to potential security emergencies --Reuters

U.S. suspending visa services Y2K prompts halt to processing at embassies worldwide --United Press International

WorldNetDaily Exclusive Live 24-hour Y2K marathon coverage WND, Talk Radio Network join forces for big weekend --WND

Arrest heightens Y2K bomb fears 'Additional resources at our more remote border crossings' --Reuters

Poll: Nothing to fear Only 26 percent of Americans afraid of Y2K terror --ABC News

Military on full alert New Year's Eve no holiday for Defense Department --Washington Post

Philadelphia preps for terror City thinks bad statement could be made in 'cradle of liberty' --Philadelphia Business Journal

D.C. police chief: Y2K safe Safety assurances for millennium activities on Mall --Washington Post

Informant told FBI of alleged plot More on plan to blow up propane tanks near Sacramento --Los Angeles Times

Cops on alert, militia in bed Authorities beef up patrols in wake of Project Megiddo report --The Oregonian

Factories freeze Dec. 31 Mills, chemical plants will halt or scale back operations --Wall Street Journal

Interest rates on hold, for now Federal Reserve holds last meeting of millennium today --Reuters

FLY2K India tests Y2K-proof passenger plane Aircraft took off -- and landed -- without a glitch --Agence France-Presse

COMMENTARY Going haywire? Exclusive: Michael Hyatt looks at trouble for 3 software systems --WND

-- Uncle Bob (UNCLB0B@AOL.COM), December 22, 1999


Bob...don't you ever have any GOOD news? =0)

-- cin (, December 22, 1999.

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