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I see a parallel between the Algerian border crossing story and the attack on the German radio station which gave the excuse for the start of WWII. Any opinions?

-- nine (, December 22, 1999


There sure are a lot of parallels. John Whitley posted on December 7 on Pearl Harbor, the gov looking for reason to start the war. Just like the Algerian being the fall guy to start the Terrorist Threats or James EArl Ray killing King or the JFK conspiracy. These methods work. Check id+001x1S.

-- Marsha (, December 22, 1999.

huh?? I must be missing something here? It all seems like a concern to me- our Northern border in the US with Canada is not exactly the Berlin Wall you know- and what they are now catching trying to come thru is probably the tip of the iceburg IMHO- I find it of concern that they are sure that the latest Canadian woman with algerian/Libyan ties that they caught had crossed in at least twice this month thus far- and the dogs detected interesting things in here car trunk.....sobering to me. I'm not too worried that they'll decide to blow stuff up in Vermont- too many cows- too few people to get attention this way- but Boston and all is just south of here....

the border crossings up here are relatively loose- or had been til now- we may be in for it- I do think these are real concerns. I just can't imagine a system with thorough searches of everyone and cargo being put in place here- many people on both sides cross over daily.

So- I sorta doubt this is just spin intended to start something...

-- farmer (, December 22, 1999.

Thank you, Marsha. Link.

-- Alan Rushby (, December 22, 1999.

Better link.

-- Alan Rushby (, December 22, 1999.

There's a trick to this, I'm sure. Even better link.

-- Alan Rushby (, December 22, 1999.

Too many people trying to see these incidents as a "Government-NWO Conspiricy" What we ought to look as is the fact that, like cockroaches, where you see one or two, there are possibly hundreds more where they came from. More than likely these guys could be, if tied to Osama Bin Laden, be part of a terror campaign. Lets face it.

As scared as you may be of our government, there are a lot more out there that are far more scarier. Our government has no real reason to do this kind of action. Hell, Osama's been warming up for this rollover much like many of the corporations of the world

Remember the August Bombings of the Embassies in Africa? Osama's handiwork. Let's examine it for a second. Two embassies, in Two seperate countries, in two seperate capitials, approxamately 410 miles apart have a near simultaneous detonation of explosives that level both buildings. Loads of chaos, bodies, fingerpointing, and other such wierdness. Bad karma to say the least.

But because of the Prez's 'wag the dog' antics in the aftermath, we overlooked the fact that this was more like what we in the military called part of the "Crawl-Walk-Run Training." IMHO, Essentially those two embassy bombings were part of a 'training exercise.' I know, I know, some training! But really. Examine the facts. Obscure Embassies, in small countries that no one would ever expect to be bombed, never mind at the same time. More than likely this was a test to see if the operation could be pulled off. As many people know, Timing is everything in military ops. To have both embassies leveled at the same time with a hairsbreathe of each other, almost 500 miles apart, too much coincedence for me. Got me a hunch Osama is getting the players assembled right about now, and just happened to have two of them "tagged out"

Just another thing niggling in the back of my (deranged?) nugget...The bombing of The Egyptair aircraft...Did all of the 'relatives' go back to Egypt after the fact? If I recall, didn't the State Department 'open the door' to all the 'greiving relatives' without the usual backround checks for visas? If so could some of them have stayed on inNYC to assist in the raising of Havoc come the rollover? Just some Ideas I had...thought I'd share em....

-- Billy Boy (, December 22, 1999.

"The bombing of The Egyptair aircraft..."

Did I miss something in the news about this disaster?

-- Arnie Rimmer (, December 22, 1999.

Okok...the unresolved crash of the Egyptair that better? (mind you the whole post was IMHO)

-- Billy Boy (, December 22, 1999.

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