"R2K" organizers take security seriously (Raleigh)

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Wednesday December 22, 1999 06:11 PM

R2K Organizers Take Security Seriously

RALEIGH (WRAL) -- The CIA now says a terrorist attack over New Year's is "likely," which has some people wondering whether it is wise to celebrate the evening with a few thousand strangers.

The FBI says a command post will be established in Charlotte to work with local law enforcement agencies and agents stationed all over the state. The command post will be staffed by the FBI's terrorism squad and computer crime squad.

Authorities and event coordinators in Raleigh and other major North Carolina cities want to make sure that having a good time is all people worry about on New Year's Eve.

Organizers are expecting more than 80,000 people to crowd the Fayetteville Street Mall for First Night Raleigh.

"Security is always taken seriously for any major celebration like this," says r2k co-chairperson Chancy Capp.

This year, there will be twice as many police officers on patrol. Raleigh Police are not giving away any security secrets, but they do say every block of the Fayetteville Street Mall will be covered.

"The police force will be out in more than usual force on that night anyway," Capp says.

"Fire and rescue people will be out anyway, so we will be covered downtown as we've never been covered before, and we're very confident about that," Capp says.

r2k organizers say Fayetteville Street Mall is on CP&L's first grid, and there are mechanisms in place to make sure there is power there when the clock strikes midnight.

Officials at the Entertainment and Sports Arena in Raleigh say they are treating James Taylor's concert like any other event. The normal security will be in place.

-- Old Git (anon@spamproblems.com), December 23, 1999


Well, there IS a real threat, but you know, it'd be shame to make all those preparations and not get to use them. One anonymous phonecall, and they'd "have" to clear the streets. You know, for public safety and all that.

-- Servant (public_service@yahoo.com), December 23, 1999.


-- RIC FLAIR (If_you_wannna_be_the_man@you_gotta_beat_the_man.com), December 23, 1999.

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