OT-Bomb Squad checking Fed Ex parcel in Michigan

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WDIV TV station in Detroit, MI is running a breaking story at 6:00pm. Resident in Grosse Pointe Park, MI received a Fed Ex package this afternoon which originated in Franfurt, Germany. Michigan State Police Bomb squad called in to support local police.

Check here for updates: http://www.wdiv.com/

-- NoFedExForMe (onbubble@michigan.com), December 24, 1999


Didn't see that article, but another caught my eye:


It's beginning to smell a lot like garbage in the streets of Hamtramck.

Trash is lining the streets of the City, who says workers have too many days off during the holidays.

Besides the stench, neighbors say the garbage is attracting rodents and small animals. One resident who has lived in the area for 22 years says he has never seen it so bad.

Mayor Gary Zych says the current city employees can't handle the trash pick-up and he says he would like to see the trash be taken away by a private company.

He says it would save the city $500,000 each year, and it wouldn't jeopardize union jobs.

Currently, pickup isn't scheduled until after the new year.

======== That's a pleasant thought - just how soon will we all be swimming in our own filth & garbage after the CDC (when some are already swamped in it?!) When fuel prices skyrocket, so will garbage collection costs.

-- Ford Prefect (bring@your.towel), December 24, 1999.

According to CBS News tonight it turned out to be a musicbox and chocolates... (The police tore open the package with a watercannon.)

-- Deb M. (vmcclell@columbus.rr.com), December 24, 1999.

LOL ! That's funny !

-- Rob (maxovrdrv51@hotmail.com), December 24, 1999.

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