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On Dec. 24th my mom (who lives in Oroville, Calif. - site of the largest earth-filled dam in the world) told me that she had heard that the security at the dam would be doubled and would now include the use of dogs (unknown if those are for bombs or just general police-type dogs) around the rollover. I called her this am to double check and she had two co-workers confirm that they saw this on local news (Chico). She said that her understanding that these measures are being taken at all California major dams - she heard Shasta and Oroville being mentioned for locals.

I am glad they are being careful (though she and I each live above the flood plain). Just thought I would share this bit of info... FWIW.

-- Kristi (, December 27, 1999


The only thing I have noticed about Lake Oroville Dam (go there everyday), is they added at the end of the dam turnaround razor barb wire around the top of the gate. I have seen no NG (Lake Oroville is State operated), no State police, nothing out of the ordinary goin on at the dam. Lot's of bass fishing boats, and people getting their walking exercise in. Will keep you posted if I see anything differennt.

-- DWalker (DWalker@canknotsay.xcom), December 27, 1999.

In most areas, our infrastructure is soooo vulnerable, that doubling the guard won't make much difference. Sure, it may detect/stop some of the bozos, but the serious guys? Not likely.

Serious guy, using home-made suppressor (that he has tested) sneaks up, pops guard and dog, does his nasty deed, and scoots. He then destroys his clothing, shoes, and tells no one. He is likely never detected, and likely never is even suspected of doing something.

The bozos who talk about what they did, and fail to destroy the evidence get caught and end up on the news. The serious guy gets away scot free.

Most reservoirs around here, there is NO guard, so doubling it has no effect. :)

-- Bill (, December 27, 1999.

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