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At the risk of alienating our poor beleaguered sysops, I'm restarting the FRL. As Hiding in Plain Sight said, "Fruitcakes are indestructible." See you all soon, I hope.

-- Tricia the Canuck (jayles@telusplanet.net), December 29, 1999


so what is the FRL?

-- bill (clintons@bigfat.liar), December 29, 1999.

Hey Tricia

Last FRL thread?

Somethings must be hard to deal with, something like losing a limb eh?

Good to see you on this site. Wonder if Rachel is on yet?

And remember folks watch out for the stealth geese!

-- Brian (imager@home.com), December 29, 1999.

bill: The FRL is the 'place' on the forum where we come to just give and get a laugh when needed. It started over a year ago and just kept going.

(((Tricia))) - how bout some poetry? And I see that Uncle is around. Maybe he will give us one of his great haikus. Fingers crossed!

Brian: It is not the stealth geese that you have to watch out for, it is the stealth droppings :)

My last post on the previous FRL thread (just before the forum went south) asked what youz guyz thought of using the thread for postng to during rollover - like an FRL Rollover Headquarters (roll call). So what do ya think? Wanna post to this thread during rollover so we can keep track of how our fellow FRLians are doing?

I make this an emotion. Will someone second it?

-- Rob Michaels (sonofdust@here.now), December 29, 1999.

Forum disappears

Friends scattered wide on globe

All is well; we're back.

-- Wilferd (WilferdW@aol.com), December 29, 1999.

White powdery snow
Skied, tumbled and laughed all day
What is Why Too Kay?

Playing in the snow
Fresh air, exertion, laughter
nothing to worry!

-- Chris (catsy@xxx.com), December 29, 1999.

FRL - Fruitcake Resistance League. Used to be "the Asylum", but it was changed to the FRL when Hardliner left.

Hail to the Fruitcakes :-)

-- Tim (pixmo@pixelquest.com), December 29, 1999.

A group of survivors keeps on
despite all the talk of beyond
we know what to do
there's simply no stew
I forbid Y2K...ON WITH FUN!

She in the sheets, upon the hilltop,...

-- DonnaNSheets (moment@pacbell.net), December 29, 1999.

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