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As a long time hoarder of silver, 20 years, I well understand the uses for silver and its basic fundamentals. I also understand that timing is not one of my strong points. Reading the several silver posts today one has to ask themselves just why are these muk-a-muks taking such large positions in silver?

There are only a handful of reasons that come to mind. They are: 1) a new use for silver is coming on stream that will require large amounts of silver 2) the financial system is expected to collapse either due to Y2K or just the massive amount of rot within the system itself 3) a large and drawn out war is expected. If there are any more possible reasons I can't think of what they might be. Yes I know, reasons 2 and 3 could together be the reason.

Any documentation or even rumors as to what the reason might be? Will I be able to pay off the farm and build that log house? Oh well each should be allowed a little wishful thinking. What say ye my Brit friend.

-- Ed (, December 29, 1999


How can we tell who the heavy hitters are that are buying silver? Is it public knowledge you can access on the web?

-- morgan (, December 29, 1999.

It was well reported almost 2 years ago that Warren Buffet was buying tons of physical silver. It was reported a few months ago that Bill gates owns 10% of Pan American Silver. Soros owns a big chunk of Apex Silver.

2 future uses for silver: Superconductors and fuel cells.

-- nobody (, December 29, 1999.

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