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Before the crash, there was a thread on the prep. forum about being careful when filling a bathtub around small children. While that is very true, there are numerous safety issues that we MUST keep in mind, no matter what happens. Here's a few I could think of, any others?

- Fuel hazards: Kerosene and gasoline are not only flammable, but also toxic. Wash hands after handling and avoid inhaling fumes.

- Carbon monoxide. Get a battery operated detector before using any unvented combusion system (lanterns, heaters, stoves).

- Burn hazards. Wood and alternate fuel stoves get very hot. Be especially careful of the children.

- Tripping and falling. "Camping" conditions can bring about a lot of clutter. Keep walkways clear so nobody has an accident.

- Fire hazards. Obvious fuel storage and handling, but also hazards of stoves, lanterns, heaters being knocked over. Only use them on a non-combustible surface.

- Fuel spills. Where will it go if you accidentally knock over the can?

- Electrical. If you have never used a generator or inverter before, don't forget that they deliver LETHAL voltage. Even a small 50 watt inverter can easily kill. Be sure all connections are sound and be absolutely certain that you will not feed power to the utility grid.

- Water. Don't mix grey water with fresh. Make sure you use containers that are labelled.

- Dark. ALWAYS bring a flashlight - keep alert for things that are bound to be out of place.

- Security. Keep your shades drawn and your doors locked (depends on where you live and your personal paranoia level, but use extra caution if the lights go out).

-- Gary S. (, December 29, 1999


Is it possible to contribute to this thread? All the other greenspun y2k boards have died.

Just curious.

-- it's (really@very.late), December 29, 1999.


I second all your recommendations!!!!!

Recently a couple of houses around here burned when extra fuel that was being stored in basements because of Y2k concerns (and yes, that motive was confirmed) was ignited by furnace or water heater flame.

-- No Spam Please (, December 29, 1999.

Avoid panic! Sounds simplistic, but if things do go wrong, as they well might, try to stay calm. If you have children and a mate or anyone dependent on you, the mood in the air is infectious. the mood you want is calm, focused and cooperative. This is my mantra.

-- Sara Nealy (, December 30, 1999.

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