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time 2:00 am est.

-- at (a@a.com), December 30, 1999


Have you heard of any other sites that are still functioning. I have had problems now with Free Forums. Kind of ground to a halt.

-- PA Engineer (PA Engineer@longtimelurker.com), December 30, 1999.

Looking for a new home. anybody know the bok0non password?

-- praxis (fake@fake.com), December 30, 1999.

The password is newt.

-- 123 (1@2.3), December 30, 1999.

I tried the Free Forum, and its too slow! If this site can withstand the traffic, it would be a good one. I think the best alternative to this site would be the ONElist suggested by Ron. There's a message up at Ed Yourdon's homepage that they are working on finding a site as soon as possible, and will post an announcement of the new site there tomorrow. The original TB2000 discussion board was at Ed Yourdon's homepage......I wonder if that is still a possibility???

-- Linda (lindasue1@earthlink.net), December 30, 1999.

Go to http://www.texasnetworks.com/tex-bin/forumpub.pl?ACTION=STARTUP for the most recent TB2000 backup site. Fast and it has a better layout than the Free Forum.

-- PA Engineer (PA Engineer@longtimelurker.com), December 30, 1999.

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