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Interesting article in 12/20/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Area food retailers are experiencing a huge demand for bottled water. One food store reported 69 cases in one day--usual number is 15-20. Also up are sales of toilet paper, peanut butter, and canned fruits and vegetables. However people are buying 1-2 gallons, not 40 to 50. It is still 5 times normal volume reports another store.

Personal experience: On 12/28 I stopped in my local Walgreens Store and asked about TAP lights which someone told me were useful and were selling at $19.95 for a package of 6. I asked the manager which aisle I should look in. He looked like he wanted to murder me as he replied he had gone through 25 cases (300 packages) since dawn that day and was sold out. "All the Y2K people are buying them," he said. I asked when he was expecting more. "Not until next week, I hope!" he replied! It must have been a rough experience for him!

-- Virginia A. Hirsch (, December 30, 1999


Response to Bottled Water etc.

As of later afternoon on the 12/30 in Tacoma Washington - things seemed relatively calm in the stores - Walmart and Fred Meyers had a lot of people but no more than usual for a weekend. The government is really playing things down a lot.

-- Steve Eaton (, December 31, 1999.

I heard that the Costco Stores in San Jose, CA, were out of bottled water as of 12/30/99 9pm pst. My ex thinks I am totally crazy, but I wonder what all those city people would do without water. I'm glad I am out of the city!

-- Marilyn J. (, December 31, 1999.

Just off the TV, customers were waiting in line at the Raley's in Redding, CA. The store couldn't keep up with the demand of customers. I was wondering when these people were gonna get off their duffs and start preparing. It's about time!

-- Marilyn J. (, December 31, 1999.

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