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Williams Lake, B.C. 10.00 a.m. PST This report just came to me from a Vancouer Island grover--15 stores--who was one of the first to get involved with Y2K. This note is from their Risk Manager in response to a request at 9:00 a.m. this morning-Friday.

"Our sales are very strong, especially over the past two days. Everyone is buying water, followed by the types of products we expected, canned goods,soups & dry pasta. There is no panic, just very busy. We had planned for this rush, so we are not experiencing any problems. Our stores close at 6 PM tonight and we are closed tomorrow, but they will be manned all night & tomorrow. We will be testing everything overnight to ensure a smooth opening Jan 2."


-- Richard Wright (, December 31, 1999



How's it going!

You must be talking about Thriftys eh? Was there last night and there is lots of everything, most stores are well stocked and folks are taking a "just in case" attitude. CHEK TV had about twenty minutes of coverage yesterday about Y2K and the folks involved. Of course we had the terrorist enter the States from Victoria and that really got folks attention here. Also we had a small earthquake here and that got people thinking about reasonable precautions. There is alot of confidence though that we will have power and what not.

I worry about the health industry the most here as we have alot of elderly in Victoria, hopefully they have it well in hand.

Ferries are also a concern and they are putting the "Fast Cats" out of service as I understand it. Thankfully the weather is reasonable.

I think John Webb and Leonard Trisco have done a great job in BC dealing with potential problems and communicating with folks (including me :o).

I hope you and Cathryn have a safe rollover and a pleasant year 2000, thanks for all your efforts over the last two years in getting us BC folks communicating!

-- Brian (, December 31, 1999.

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