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I got an sx-70 land camera alpha 1 at a garage sale. Ithink it needs a new battery. Where is the battery located and how can I change it? Also what is the approximiate value of such a camera? Thanks, Shane

-- Shane Lambert (, December 31, 1999


A great source for info on the sx70 is called, the hackers guide to the sx70

-- Kish (, February 18, 2000.

Shane...I just came across this thread. In case you don't have an answer already, the battery which powers Sx-70 cameras is actually in the film pack itself. Purchase a new film pack and see if the camera fires up.

As far as value of these camera, there is a very wide range of purchase prices on E-Bay, dependent on model, condition, and whimsy, among other things. Some camera stores which sell used equipment also carry Sx-70s

-- Paige (, May 02, 2000.

As for the camera value according to the McKeowns price guide(a must have for any camera collector) The sx-70s all models range from $15-$30(mint) They are not very valuable but great if you are looking to try the art side of polaroids.

-- Mitch Hazam (, October 23, 2002.

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