Water, Gas, spirits high, extra police and reserve forces - London, Ontario, Canada

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Both gas and bottled water are now in short supply, after visiting a number of local gas stations in town it would appear that gasoline delivers will not be received until tomorrow morning. After a high demand this afternoon, it is no wonder that many gas stations are running low. Likewise, the supply of bottled water at many food stores is in low (if not non-existant) supply.

Extra police are now stationed on every corner in our downtown core area, and the reserve military are on call. It has been rumoured that they will be stationed in our core downtown areas as the millenium approaches.

A part from that, things progress smoothly. I will be checking in with our local paper, to make sure all systems are go there (they produce a paper EVERDAY, so it is a good indication that the networks etc, are working properly)

-- Keith Mills (kmills@home.com), December 31, 1999

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