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I am listening to the Art Bell program this evening and a caller reported the power has been out in Woodstock, Ontario since shortly after midnight local time.


-- Erin Bryson (, January 01, 2000


Response to RUMOR: Power Outage, Woodstock, Ontario

While we don't want top be posting rumors from late night radio shows, this response shows us the value in having a worldwide network of people to look into reported problem. We will leave this one here for now under the heading of "Rumor Unsubstaitiated".


-- SYSOP (, January 01, 2000.

Response to Power Outage, Woodstock, Ontario

As a resident in Woodstock, Ontario, this seems to be an error. The power is definitely not out in my house.All at this times appears as usual and has been since the rollover. I am a Red Cross Emergency Response Team volunteer and there is nothing umusual going on here at this time.

-- joanne ohara (, January 01, 2000.

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