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I spoke to a friend at 0300CST in McAllen Texas who said the lights have been out in that city since shortly after the rollover. Has anyone determined if this outage is Y2K related?

-- Larry Keiffer (, January 01, 2000


I do know that yesterday power traffic lights were out on a section of Pecan, but not city-wide and do not know the cause. There is powere now and has been all night according to a check with a few friends.

The only quirk that I noted, was that my Sprint PCS would dial and then re-dial from 00:00 to roughly 00:30 CST. I tried land lines to others with PCS' but to no avail. At 00:40 I recived a call from a friend on it and I was then able to call out too.

-- Denny Church (, January 01, 2000.

Just a follow-up; yesterday, power was out in sections of McAllen, Mission, and Weslaco. Also, a local major radio stations telephones were out and it was blamed on Y2K.

-- Denny Church (, January 04, 2000.

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