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Problems with IBM systems since Jan1 are listed here (for the techie):

IBM Year 2000 Alerts

-- Risteard Mac Thomais (, January 03, 2000


That's it?

-- lenny (, January 03, 2000.

Happy New Year to you too , Risteard!!!


-- Ynott (, January 03, 2000.

Not a biggie... DFSMS/RMM is not an industry standard, and GDS's are usually cycle controlled, not date controlled. But I didn't need to get woke up at 4:40 PST investigate it and tell y'all that...

-- ain'tworried (, January 03, 2000.

Yoo Hoo, Kosky??? Where are you? Still looking for the embeddeds to fail? You dummy. I told you it was the big honking systems.

Kosky suckered everyone into thinking that the risk was the power going out, planes falling, microwave ovens and VCRs blowing up.

Then he fogged the Polly brain into thinking that power, embeddeds, planes, microwave ovens was the Y2K activist ( realist ) concern.

The real problem are the big monster systems. This thread could not have happened if "everyone completed their remediation by December 1998, leaving a full year for testing." Someone would have caught this in testing.

They didn't.

They didn't because the tests were not done rigorously enough.

Maybe we'll be lucky, maybe not. I am hoping for the best but I bought more supplies today.


On Thu, 1 Jan 1970 02:59:59, Edward wrote:

Mark wrote:

Bruce wrote:

... We don't see this as a big impact problem.

Either do we.

Since this problem involves data loss, IBM is taking it *very* seriously. We received an emergency telephone call today ( Saturday, Jan. 1st ) from IBM warning us that "sites across the country are losing data" and urging us to check the APAR to see if we're affected. They also took the name of the PSI support person they spoke with for their records as proof they verbally warned us!


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Read it Pollies, "sites across the country are losing data".

Ed is a cool, knowledgeable guy, I've read his stuff for years. Note his words above.

Note too that IBM's hands are clean, no blood on their hands. They're taking names.

cory hamasaki

-- Andy (, January 03, 2000.

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