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I was a computer tech untill I quit in mid december at a major retail organization.I quit because of corporate retoric and incompetant supervisors. I had told a couple of corporate customers that I was quiting and would be doing some work on the side if they needed any.Well, this morning I get a call saying one of a their( a company who shall remain nameless)computers had started wavering on the screen and then went blank.I went there and discovered that the monitor had blown a logic board.I don't see how it could dierectly y2k related; however, I saw more workers with ladders and vans within a 4 block radius than ever before, and a brownout caused by excess load beong drawn from power plants could have easily fried the logic board. Now as a matter of being honest only 2 of the four vans I saw were power. one was GTE and one was unmarked. just thought I would report some first hand factual evidence. Thanks


-- Jaden (, January 03, 2000


Masterjaden, please see the preceding post and come back with the facts.

-- SH (, January 03, 2000.

It was in San Bernardino California, on the bloacks between e st and 13th st and d st and 16th st. is that specific enough I can give aproximate exact locations of each van and ladder and number of employees at each if necesary. don't have license plate numbers though.

p.s. I am not trying to be sarcastic. (seriously)

-- Jaden (, January 03, 2000.

I can dig it. If you quit, any reason why you can't post the name of the company? Still waiting for a last paycheck or reference? Thanks for the details/facts.

-- SH (, January 03, 2000.

no the name of the company I worked for was Compusa. I just didn't want to name the compnay I did independent work for.

-- JAden (, January 03, 2000.

Thank's Jaden nice to know what part of the country thing hapen


-- Wacko (, January 04, 2000.

20000104 Tuesday


Do you know where _your_ APC (as in UPS [a.k.a. electrical power "Conditioner"]) is?

Regards, Bob Mangus

* * *

-- Robert Mangus (, January 04, 2000.

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