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Some outfit is unloading beaucoup wheat etc. on eBay.

I haven't "done the math" on his prices, and for the record, I have NO connection with him and know nothing about him.

That said, if you *don't* have any non-perishable food, it looks like there may be a window of opportunity to get some at a decent price before the "thousand cuts" start becoming evident. (If his prices *aren't* good, I suspect there'll be others who *will* want to part with theirs for a pittance.)

-- Ron Schwarz (, January 04, 2000


Nothing new here. This company, Sunny Farms (Bakersfield, CA), has been selling Y2K food products for sometime now and has been on Ebay for a few months. You will notice that these are all dutch auctions which means they have many of each item. The prices look OK and if you are looking for additional food supplies this might be a good source,

-- Look (at@the.facts), January 04, 2000.

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