A report (Good news) from a member of my Kalamazoo, MI Prep group

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No, I can't give out the name of the company. It is located in SW Michigan.


Our Corporate Data Center said all was quiet. I spoke with a good friend of mine there and he said it was really boring! I know he's truthful with me, too.

We did have a problem on Monday with 1 report (extract, not an update). Easy to fix and rerun. Had one like that today, too. Did have 1 today on our Three-Way Match system (matches the purchase order to the receiver to the accounts payable entry and does an auto payment). Have to run a 1-shot fix tonight. But all of these are fairly easy to fix.

PLUS THE OUTSIDE WORLD WILL NEVER BE IMPACTED BY THESE BUGS!! I believe only then, would something show up in the news about XXXXXX. I haven't been told to keep quiet about problems...but I'm not calling the Gazette either! I think this will be the same with other companies as well.

Spoke to our IBM repair man today. He services the soutthwest lower Mich and North Indiana. He hasn't heard anything much either. Just a few PC's didn't work, but the folks knew ahead of time they wouldn't work and chose not to fix them -or- there was a problem, not major, for a very short period of time.

Our electronic transfers (order and purchase orders and acknowledgements) have been working fine as far as I know of.

End snip

Also, FWIW, our company's PC technical service told me that they are experiencing very little in the way of problems, most of them being with backups, for some reason.

Now, I'm a pretty well known Doomer, but never let it be said I will not accept good news...............

-- mushroom (mushroom_bs_too_long@yahoo.com), January 05, 2000


I've dealt with a few problems today. None of the problems were earthshattering or kept the county from doing business.

I still hope for TEOTWAWKI at the IRS, though. One can hope. :^)

-- Tim the Evil Programmer (tmiley@yakko.cs.wmich.edu), January 05, 2000.


Thanks for your report. I also do tech support work for Lotus and was prepared for a flood of Y2K related questions. Much to my suprise, we've had exactly one - a user had no idea how to set the date in their computer at all (just got it for Christmas).


-- Jim Cooke (JJCooke@yahoo.com), January 05, 2000.

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