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Last June I commissioned a house to be built in Yuma, AZ, in a development called "Pioneer Park", with a cost amount of $126,000 and original closing date of Dec 20, 1999. I gave the broker $3000 in earnest money to be put in escrow.

Coldwell Banker is both the broker and my Realtor for this home. As December approached and no construction began on the house, I began to wonder what the problem was. I received numerous assurances from my Coldwell Banker real estate agent, and my Coldwell Banker broker representative, that my closing date was on track.

Based on these assurances I then locked the interest rate on the home loan for 90 days, costing 1 point on the loan.

Approximately two weeks after I locked the loan, I was told by my Coldwell Banker broker representative that the house was not going to be ready on time, and that it was going to be no more than 30 days late.

I reluctantly agreed to the new date and the earnest money escrow was extended until Jan 20. I also put another point on the loan to extend the intrust rate lock until Feb.

As the end of Dec. approached I paid numerous visits to the property, and I realized it was in a state of construction that could not possibly be completed by January 20. I again called the Coldwell Banker real estate agent, and the Coldwell Banker broker representative, and received more assurances that the home was going to be ready by Jan 20.

Now I am being told that the property may not be ready until Feb., with no clear date on closing of the home. I originally signed a contract in June of last year with a closing date of December, because my lease on the apartment that my wife and I live in expired in December. We received permission to rent month to month with no lease extension, with a considerable increase in rent. At the beginning of January, based on the assurances from the Coldwell Banker broker, I gave my required 30 days notice to move out of our apartment.

Now that the property closing is delayed with no clear date, I am stuck with no lease, awaiting a home that was contracted 7 months ago, and the expenses are piling up. At this point, I cannot believe any date given to me by the broker, Coldwell Banker Town & Country.

-- John Cirillo (, January 06, 2000


I do not have an answer to this, but I am curious about a home in a development called College Park in Yuma, AZ. I liked the home from what I can see on yahoo real estate, but there are two phone numbers listed. One is for Coldwell Banker Town and Country at (520)726-5000 and the other is for Michael hall at 341-9570 with no area code listed. I tried the 520 number, but it is not working, so I tried it with 928 (the local area code for Yuma, again with no number listed. I tried Michael Hall's number with area code 928, again to no avail. I have searched on search engines for Coldwell Banker Town and Country in Yuma, and my searches are vague at best. Is Town and Country and College Park open in the Twilight Zone. (The listing keeps getting relisted on Yahoo Real Estate, the last time on May 4, 2004, so someone renews the ad)

-- Simon Loynes (, May 07, 2004.

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