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January 6, 2000 FIRM Members:

OMB currently has three documents of interest to the IT community in circulation for comment. These are: 1. Draft Circular A-130, 2. A memorandum for "Incorporating and Funding Security in Information Systems Investments." (Attached), and 3. A memorandum entitled "Notice of reevaluation of OMB guidance on estimating paperwork burden."

Some of our members have suggested we establish a work group to prepare consolidated Small Agency responses for each of these. If you are interested in participating in such a work group, please respond to me immediately via email. If sufficient interest is expressed, I will designate a coordinator for the group and see if we can do most of the work through our website. Further, since each of these has a short fuse for responding, I will advise OMB of our efforts and request an extension.

Phil Lawrence, Chairman Small Agency Council IRM Committee

-- Anonymous, January 07, 2000

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