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I just got a sx70 via eBay. I put a fresh film pack into the camera and the darkslide came out. BUT when I push the shutterbutton all I hear is a click, the viewfinder goes dark for an instance, and thats it...nothing else. I'm new to sx70's. Is this a case of a jammed mirror? Is something else broken/wrong? Is this something I can fix myself? I have another fresh, unopened film pack. Should I risk ruining it to try? What do you think? Or maybe a sad burial, and another purchase? Thanks for your time and help.

-- chuck kleesattel (, January 14, 2000


yea, I changed servers. But the real reason I'm writing is (if anyone is reading this board) to report that I got the camera to work. Strange advice, but I took a paperclip and shoved it in the remote socket and it fired the camera through the whole cycle. After I did that a few times, the camera has worked very well. I suppose something was sticking and once that got loosend up, all was well.

Cheers, chuck k

-- chuck k (, January 24, 2000.

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