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Congratulations On A Resounding Success!

Friday, January 14, 2000
Ian Coulson
Kettering, England

I have been reading with interest all the comments and post-mortems on Y2K and why it didn't happen as predicted. Simple; like all good prophesies and predictions it was there to serve as a warning about what would happen if we did nothing. Fortunately we didn't do nothing and the disaster was averted as planned. So why are we all so surprised that our plans worked? Surely that was the whole point of it? Or are we so used to our efforts being subverted by the gloom-and-doom merchants and the vested interests that are so rife in our global society that we still expected them to amount to "nothing more than a hill of beans"? Example: the company I work for has over 2000 employees and operations throughout the world. If we'd done nothing, all our systems would have shut down and there would have been chaos. The cost in financial terms alone would have been millions, with more being lost with every day that passed due to lost business. Instead of that scenario, we invested over 2 years and hundreds of thousands of man-hours in developing new systems. Everyone has a new, Y2K-compliant PC on their desk and has received training in new tools which are also installed. New networks are up and running and, more importantly, each employee across the globe has the SAME tools. We are now able to talk to each other like never before, because the old tools were all of different ages and types so communication used to be difficult or impossible. Doesn't that sound like what's happening to our Global Consciousness? With the year 2000 upon us, we are able to talk to each other like never before and the situation can only improve. THAT'S what the panic was all about; it was a way of getting us into shape for the new way of talking to each other, and now we have something to talk about - the failure of the millennium bug to strike as predicted! Don't worry about the fact that nothing happened; what happened was what was meant to happen, a kick in the pants to prevent chaos from breaking out. You know what? - IT WORKED! CONGRATULATIONS ON A RESOUNDING SUCCESS!!! (Please share my thoughts if you feel they are useful to others). Love and Light, Ian Coulson Kettering, England

-- Sheri Nakken (, January 14, 2000

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