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Quilting groups issue challenges which give a topic and a specific material and everyone must use these to create a quilt (wallhanging, whatever). The 2001 challenge theme is "Art Deco" and the fabric which must be included is a tangerine orange circle print.

Were there any Art Deco quilts or textile arts done in that period? Did the quilters of that age pick up the art deco feel and translate it into their quilt art? I have been able to find nothing on this at all.

Any help you can give us would be wonderful!


Lin Christiansen

Sunrise, FL

-- Lin Christiansen (, January 14, 2000


Yes, there were Art Deco quilt designs, but not many. I have an original Ruby McKim Deco Oriental Poppy quilt, which was sold as a pattern and as a kit, in various colorways. In the same Deco vein, she designed a rose, pansy, and various other flowers. Her book, something like 101 Quilt Designs, is still available. There are generally several copies on eBay at any given moment. eBay is also a great place to buy quilts, and I have seen a McKim pansy quilt on eBay. The very knowledgable dealer did not know what he had.

This challenge sounds like a very interesting one--good luck!


-- Heather White (, May 03, 2001.

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