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The US DOLLAR and BILL GATES are through. Now it's a new ERA. The CRUDE ONE is the GREAT ONE only one greater and that's me. I own the worlds cache of gold reserves because they almost gave it to me for a few worthless paper dollars. GOLD makes the RULES and now I will rule the world. Martial law coming to a theater near you. By order of THE GREAT ONE. The one and only ALEXANDER THE GREAT. The WORLD is mine, all mine.

-- Alexander The Great (, January 15, 2000


Megalomania was never funnier. Have you ever heard of God?

Find out about Him before you destroy yourself!

-- Connie Iversen (, January 15, 2000.

Sounds cool Alex, but you're gonna need a partner to hold down the fort while you're out stormin the Universe. I'm your man. I'll have my girl call your girl... we'll do lunch, just name your place. Hasta la vista.

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), January 15, 2000.


-- (, January 15, 2000.

Please change your handle to ALEXANDER THE NUT!

-- cruiser (cruiser@cruiserr.xcom), January 15, 2000.

Another c4i wannabe?

-- semper paratus (still_here_with@my.pals), January 15, 2000.

LOL, think Gates needs someone to clean his pool? I'd like a career change. Bill, if you read this, start a thread saying "Clean My Pool". Thanks.

-- Hokie (, January 16, 2000.

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