Heartening Letter For Activists

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Subject: Re: PostY2K: #5 of 8 Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 19:04:07 -0800 From: Elizabeth Gips Reply-To: y2kforum@efn.org Organization: changes To: "I. Thomas" , changes@cruzio.com References: 1 Thank you for your beautiful letter that Irv Thomas sent on. My advise as an elder who has lived through many changes is - don't whip yourself. There is a tendency in many movements to "blame" humans, look for the error in our ways, wait for the collapse of whatever gestalt we are in at the time and like the prophets in the bible denounce the awesome injustices and/or insanities of society.

To me it is suspiciously redolent of Christian original sin, whether it comes from the ecological movement or wherever. I have, myself, been waiting for the collapse of "capitalism" since 1932!! I gave up a few years back, though. Humans are ignorant of what we really are. And we all have fear that can lead to Chechnyas or beautiful poetry or slave labor or advances in understanding.

Whatever you did was perfect at the time. You are not Milarepa. You have no penance to perform. JUST GIVE OUT LOVE and love yourself. Had this whole Y2K happening not happened just as it did, it is probable that enormous catastrophes could have occured. It was a blessing that the dire warnings went out, and that appropriate action was taken over the last five years as a consequence.

So THANK YOU. I don't know who you are, but I'm really grateful that you did exactly what you did. love, Elizabeth Gips --- Alas for those who do not sing, but die with all their music in them - Oliver Wendell Holmes http://www.changes.org Changes radio online always http://www.kkup.com all the time http://www.eroplay.com/luver (at 10pm Wedensdays Pacific Coast time) YOU are beautiful just as you are right now!!

-- Jeanette Thomas (ou_2000@berkshire.net), January 17, 2000

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