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Greetings. I'm contacting you at the suggestion of Patrice McDermott at OMB Watch. This is for an article for The Year in Computing (published by Faircount International and directed at senior executives, especially in government). I will be contributing to this article and I would like your help.

The article will differentiate between information management and traditional records management. Ideally I can show how an up-to-date digital approach can lead to better management practices, not just better and more meaningful public access. Among other things. I'm interested in integrated systems using both image- and character-based technology; any good examples? Yes, I already know about IRIS at the World Bank. I'll also be interested in people's views as to whether in the end just about everything will be digital anyway, and whether the image component will decline in importance; is it a mere bridge technology? (The "Why" would be important.) I'm trying to catch up with FIRM members who'd be up to date on "best practices" and could provide some good case histories, or at least send me in the right direction. No need for modesty. Here's a chance to help others.

Our readers come from a mix of backgrounds, some technical, some not, and I'm trying to use tangible examples to make my points. In plain English I need to show how the right approach does or at least could save money and time and more effectively help a federal agency perform its mission. I might want to discuss how a particular item of business--say, an enforcement action by FWS?--was processed by the system in a particular instance. Perhaps I can highlight the paper, er, nonpaper, trail. I'd also welcome ideas on contractor selection.

If you and perhaps others can reply quickly, I'll appreciate it because of my deadline situation (I want to catch up with folks next week). Email's most efficient at this point, but you're also welcome to call me at 703.370.6540(o)(h). And of course, you may put this message out to other FIRM members or interested RM proffesionals.

Thanks! Owen Ambur

-- Anonymous, January 19, 2000


Charley Barth excerpted and posted this inquiry from David Rothman, which I transmitted to the FIRM Board of Directors last week. However, David advises that he now has plenty of material for his article.


-- Anonymous, January 19, 2000

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