Brownie Holiday Flash, Movie Cam. Turret F/1.9 & Projector Model 1 FOR SALE : LUSENET : Brownies Buy and Sell : One Thread

Cleaning out storage items and found and researched on website info about find and here is what I have:

*Brownie Movie Projector F/1.6 Lens Model 1--sold @10/54-3/56 Lamp 300 watt and Lists at $69.50

*Brownie Movie Camera Turret F/1.9--sold @10/55--6/63 and Lists at $79.50

*Brownie Holiday Flash Camera--sold from Oct 54-Apr 62 and lists about $10.00

Entertaining Offers for Set--would consider breaking up set.



-- Gerry A Scheidhauer (, January 22, 2000

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