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The Department of Energy plans to announce an initative today to spur the development in the West of the geothermal-energy indutry, a highly productive but still evelving source of renewable energy.


It calls for geothermal energy to provide as much as 10 percent of the West's electricity by 2020, supply the electric-power or heating needs of 7 million homes by 2010 and double the number of states with geothermal-power facilities to eight by 2006.
This technology taps heat energy from reservoirs under the Earth's surface.
The West's unique geology makes this renewable energy source most easily accessible in that region.
It is a clean, reliable and renewable energy source.
If we could put more time and money into Solar and Geothermal and fusion programs then maybe within my lifetime we would see the cord cut with foreign oil. I am not comfortable seeing my country kiss the derrieres of foreign oil producers.

-- rb (, January 24, 2000


A good source of knowledge regarding geothermal- energy.


-- rb/tc (, January 24, 2000.

energy efficiency is the MOST important thing to focus on

only once we reduce WASTE should we even think about alternative energy sources

sure, solar and windpower could provide electricity to nearly everyone on Earth -- and should do so but billboards lit at night, computers on 24/7, office buildings at 3 am, 50 inch teevee's, etc. -- there are some lifestyle issues in addition to technological issues

one point about fusion energy: nuclear fusion would generate LOTS of nuclear waste. high energy neutrons from the fusion reaction are capable of inducing radioactivity in the metal of the reactor, which is part of the problem with nuclear fission

fusion reactors are beloved by the military since they can simulate hydrogen bombs in the laboratory

nuclear fusion should be spelled "photovoltaic"

-- windandsolar (, January 24, 2000.

We have two geothermal projects proposed in our County. The resource has been tested and would produce some of the cleanest Geothermal energy in the United States. Yet, it is local environmental groups that oppose it.

I don't understand where they are coming from. Maybe so-called "environmentalists" should just be called what they really are - groups opposed to everything.

-- wondering (no@ryhmeor.reason), January 24, 2000.


No disagreement. The more solar the better. ("photovoltaic" = solar cells & panels)

When I mentioned fusion I was thinking of the possibilities of Cold fusion.

*Cold Fusion is very much alive. Activity is underway to develop this clean energy source. Is it one of he greatest discoveries of all time?

*"It could be the end of the fossil fuel age: the end of oil and coal. And the end, incidentally of many of our worries about global pollution and global warming." - Futurist and author, Sir Author C. Clarke

We had the oil scare of the early 70's, the Gulf War in 1990, and JIT-oil Y2k fears last year.... and we still import 53 percent of our oil needs.

George Santayana is famous for the line: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." A later historian added a wry corollary:"Unfortunately, those of who do remember the past are condemned to repeat it with them."

It is a dirty rotten shame that the things that are good for us have to be so slow in coming and fought for every inch of the way.

-- rb/tc (, January 24, 2000.

Really like and am intrigued with the use of wind power generators for generating home power (and hopefully a little extra). Also would like to see new homes considered, which incorporate energy alternatives which are not dependent on outside sources, but rather that use the enviornment to generate the necessary power (like wind generators). Also have been looking at adaptions of the old cystern idea to be used in modern homes, to maintain a constant supply of clean pottable water. The rivers are pretty low here (central US) and the water thing may be a real issue before anyone realizes.

-- suzy (, January 24, 2000.

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