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-- Scott (, January 25, 2000


Interesting piece. Interesting concept. Implanted subcutaneous transmitters: yes, perhaps. Neural implants?I think not: remember mirror foci. I will not go into detail on the web, but when I worked with the CNS group (and this was thirty five years ago, youngsters, in the late and legendary '60's) the Department recruited subjects from the prison population in a state that will be nameless. Each subject signed an informed consent.Each subject was paid a stipend, or it was assigned to his designee of choice. Each subject received CNS electrode implants. The experimental objectives were successful. The prognosis for the subjects as a result of the protocol was not totally favorable. Four years ago a major institution of higher learning recruited felons from a state agency for another sort of medical experiement. Each felon signed and informed consent. Each felon received a stipend. Then the men began to come back to staff reporting invasive procedures (ie, blood tests, injections) and alleging that they had not known this was a part of the experimental paradigm. A protest was lodged by staff who dealt with these men against the use of a state agency to recruit for this project since the men were enrolling on PRESUMED "official" verification of safety of the procedure.I can attest to the veracity of this anecdote being one of the protesting staff. The article is somewhat laughable. The concept motivating its authorship is not. The research community has been assaulted lately by a rash of manipulated data, poorly completed studies and questionable project protocol. If the author of the article had chosen more carefully and been a little more sophisticated, he might have made a much greater impact.Depressing thread.This is known as wet ware. Off to the oil fields of your sibling forum.

-- mike in houston (, January 27, 2000.

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