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The idea that I found to be most significant was the idea that Kaplan's husband had, he enjoyed setting his goals and then getting there. I do not think that I am an Empiricist but I do believe that half the fun of going somewhere is getting there. For example, this past summer I went to Ireland for a week. While we were there the professor was upset because we were spending to much time on the bus. She wanted to go by train so we would be able to spend more time in one place. I liked going through the country and viewing castles and other sites. If we were on a train all of these sites would have gone by to fast. On the other hand I can't say that I enjoy sitting in a traffic jam on the way to an Indians game.

The idea that I found to be most insignificant was when they hiked to the Iao Valley, I thought that she was analyzing to much. I could not believe that she made such a big deal because her husband set up a camera to take pictures. Kaplan was worried because she doubted the idea that her husband enjoyed the site when she was the one who sat down and read a book. You could read a book in your hotel room. I think that if someone does something different than you than it is just different, not better or worse. Thinking that way causes many useless conflicts. I like to talk to people who do things very different than I do and find out why they are different. At least then I have a reason to agree or disagree with them.

-- Anonymous, January 25, 2000

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