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Right after the crash happened, I heard a few reports about there being some 30+ Egyptian officers on board that plane coming back from special training in the U.S.

Also, one report said that the plane had landed at an air force base en route from L.A. or something. I never heard this mentioned again.

Killing the officers would seem like a terrorist motive (even without publicity). Anybody hear anything to corroborate or discard those reports. Did anybody hear about this back then period (or was I dreaming) ??

-- none (none@none.nonet), January 26, 2000


None, you haven't lost it. I heard the same reports regarding the Egyptian military being aboard, that there had been a lay-over at a base, and that these officers had just finished some type of specialized training in California. You're not nuts. And if you are then, there's two of us.

-- Richard (, January 26, 2000.

There was some question about whether the FAA had confirmed a stop at Edwards Airforce base, or whether this was someone or some agency confusing the plane coming in to Newark (NJ) airport, which has as its 3-letter designation EWR.

TO the best of my knowledge, this was reported and questioned a bit in the beginning, but the apparent discrepancies were never cleared up, at least not in any coverage I've seen.

-- Firemouse (, January 26, 2000.

They stopped at Travis AFB after leaving L.A.,picked up the 30, stopped in NY ,two Egyptian "officials" got off(good timing),and BINGO!!

-- James (, January 26, 2000.

Can anyone tell me where they got any verified information about Flight 990 stopping anywhere but New York? The Egyptian officers were undergoing training at Edwards Air Force base and were taken to LAX by BUS to board the flight. I haven't seen any information that "two Egyptian officers" got off in New York, only 1 Egyptian Air employee. The flight certainly never went anywhere in the vicinity of Travis Air Force base in northern California. A commericial flight making a non-emergency landing at a a military base in highly unlikely.

-- Jim Cooke (, January 26, 2000.

Thanks for verifying my memory... As to the landing at the base, who knows whether that info got messed up (maybe they got driven to LAX as Jim states.

That part was never really my main interest, but the 30 officers as a motive for a terrorist act were. very strange that this never got picked up again, considering the leads toward the co-pilot causing the crash and all...

So, can it be verified that they were on the plane, or was it another rumor...??

I always thought, when the family and all of Egypt protested the suicide notion, "right..., suicide is not likely given the Muslim background, but dying for the Holy War just might be..."

Anyhow, just thought it was curious that the officers were never mentioned again in the media or by the investigation.

-- none (none@none.nonet), January 26, 2000. archives also might have something

-- A (, January 26, 2000.

Not to be rude or anything ... but DUH!! There was (is) lots of speculation about the cause of a couple of Airplane crashes (EgyptAir Flight 990, JFK Jr, etc.) as being bombed by terrorists or being part of a conspiracy that the media dropped. Not because there wasn't a story but because it was (1) part of a media blackout imposed by the Clinton administration and (2) politically incorrect to allude to anything negative happening in our nation by terrorists or part of any government conspiracy.

-- (, January 26, 2000.

Also, didn't a reporter get off in NY? Moreover, they never released the name of the one body they found, did they? No other remains found--why?

-- Mara (, January 27, 2000.

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