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Friday 28th January 2000 0:01am

UK Taskforce 2000: Guenier shuts up Y2K shop

After three and a half years of issuing millennium bug warnings and being a thorn in the side of Action 2000, Taskforce 2000 is calling it a day.

The Y2K watchdog will cease operations on Monday, 31 January. But Robin Guenier, the executive director of Taskforce 2000, warned that the bug will continue to bite this year, so businesses should be wary.

In a written statement, Guenier said: "Taskforce 2000 has done as much as it can, so it is time for us to retire from the frontline. Businesses now know what has to be done, so now it's over to them to finish the job we started."

Guenier will now devote his time to an unnamed Internet project

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-- Carl Jenkins (, January 28, 2000


Interesting that she puts it in the future tense.

-- Sluggo (sluggo@your.head), January 28, 2000.

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