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I have a sort of canister set that was left to me by my grandmother who died in the early 70's. The story goes that she was offered 250 dollars for it in the 60's. Anyway it consists of 15 pieces; 2 Cruets one marked vinegar and the other unmarked,6 small canisters marked cloves,cinnamon,nutmeg,allspice, pepper,and the last unmarked a salt box that appears you could hang on the wall and 6 larg canisters marked coffee, tea, flour, sugar, rice , and barley. I think it may be porcelain,the bacground is moth-of-pearl,its outlined in blue and has a picture of two san swiiming, it is stamped white block germany and that is in the she shape of a peacock i think

anything you could tell me about this would be greatly appreciated. thanx

-- mary e. farber (, February 01, 2000

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