Konica X-36 Flash Unit - Info and User Manual?

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Does anyone know how to get a copy of a user's manual for an X-36?

Any general knowledge about one of these units? Is a used one in good to excellent condition worth $100-125? How does it compare to the X-24.

I agree with other cautions about using an undedicated flash with the FS-1. I took pictures at my brother's wedding many years ago with a Vivatar 285 that had an external battery pack. The FS1 started popping off shots on its own, but I didn't fry the cpu (just lucky I guess).

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2000


Konica X-36 Flash Unit

A X-36 just went down on ebay for an absurd price of $280. I've seen them go,at auction,between $160-190. I just picked up one from a dealer for $110 with shipping included. Keep scouring the internet. A manual may be available from Konica, since they do still carry the instruction sheet for the X-24. For info on the flash check out the mail on this chat board. Good luck! Dave

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2000

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