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March 1-2, 2000,

Marriott Hotel at Metro Center,

Washington, DC.

A practical workshop for government professionals concerned with managing information resources on an enterprise-wide basis, CIOs and their staffs, records managers, IT professionals, web masters, attorneys, and contracting staffs.

March 1  How Electronic Records Management (ERM) and Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) Fit into Agency Information System Environments.

March 2  Current Policy Perspectives and State of the Art in Electronic Records Management.

Conference Chairs: J. Timothy Sprehe, Ph.D. and Richard Medina, Doculabs.


Richard Medina and Carol Choksy/Doculabs, Inc. J. Timothy Sprehe, Sprehe Information Management Associates Michael Miller, National Archives and Records Administration Priscilla Emery and Betsy Fanning, Association for Information and Image Management Bruce Miller, Tarian Software Ed Barrese, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Dawn Roddy, Environmental Protection Agency, Wanda Craft, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, John Vasko, Central Intelligence Agency


With the Y2K crisis over, agencies can now devote efforts to better management of enterprise-wide information resources. The business case for managing information resources electronically and managing electronic records has become compelling. Electronic records management (ERM) and electronic document management systems (EDMS) are key elements in knowledge and information management, so that the integration of ERM/EDMS into the agency information technology (IT) environment is a critical factor in mission fulfillment.

When you attend the March 1-2 conference, E-Government: Integrating Electronic Records Management into Enterprise Information Management, you will receive a cram course in how today's electronic records management fits into your agency's information environment.

Up-to-the-minute assessment of the state of the ERM and EDMS industry, plus a forecast of where it's headed. Case study experience from federal agencies that are already implementing ERM/EDMS solutions. A practical how-to for evaluating your agency's ERM/EDMS requirements in relation to the commercial-off-the-shelf marketplace. Opportunity to get your questions about vendors' products answered by knowledgeable vendor representatives. The latest policy perspectives from the National Archives and Records Administration. Standards in the field: understand the issues now or pay later. How ERM/EDMS tie into e-government and e-commerce.


Government participants, with credit card or check, $495

Government participants, with purchase order, $550

Corporate participants, $795 .

This is a Technology Excellence in Government Seminar.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit the website at .


J. Timothy Sprehe Sprehe Information Management Associates, Inc. 4201 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Suite 610 Washington, DC 20008 Voice: 202-364-5300. Fax: 202-364-5302 Cellphone: 202-744-6405 Email: jtsprehe@jtsprehe.com Website:

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