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At present the possibility is more for humans to assimilate the machine into their being than vice-versa. This could lead to a superior being that is part machine, but human controlled/based, rather than the obverse image of machine controlled. From this hybrid, could it not be possible to evolve along side machines?

Humans have proven pretty adept at utilising the environment / resources to their own end. Personally I think this will carry us through for quite a while - at least until the 'threat' is more defined.

Of all the calamities facing mankind (quite a few of our own making), I feel that machine domination is at present quite low down the scale.

-- Chris MacLean (, February 03, 2000


Hi Chris, thanks for your interesting comments. I basically agree however, I would also point out that something does not have to be a 'calamity' in order to be interesting, right ? This topic has its own interest regardless of one's views on the desirability of it actually happening.

I would also point out that if all the other calmaties DON'T happen (global superstorm/warming/eco-apocalypse, revision to barbarism after financial collapse, nuclear war, etc.) then H-M-A or its 'stronger' version, human domination by machines, is virtually certain, by simple extrapolation from basic Darwinian principles. So, it is interesting to get a head start on cosidering this.

Notice that though I'm basically negative on the prospects, I try to represent all points of view here, including machine-positive viewpoints such as the transhumans (see links posted on other threads).


-- scott (, February 04, 2000.

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