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The President's 24 management initiatives for FY2001 are summarized at

Efficient and effective management of records is implicit in all of them. Here are some highlights:

1. Use performance information to improve program management and budget decision-making. ("Performance information" means records of what actually occurs with reference to pertinent parameters.)

2. Improve financial management information. (Watch the $. There is no better indicator of priorities, avowed and actual. Many, if not most scandals stem from poor financial records management practices, e.g., failing to use a DoD-certified ERMS to manage the documentation associated with the numbers.)

3. Use capital planning and investment control to better manage information technology. ("Investment control" means records, together with accountability and consequences based upon the record. Who better to lead the way in managing E-records than the IT folks?)

4. Provide for computer security and protect critical information infrastructure. (Techies have a tendency to forget that it is the *information* -- the records -- that is of primary concern.)

7. Implement electronic Government initiatives. (E-Gov doesn't happen without E-records, nor does it happen well without efficient and effective management of E-records.)

10. Verify that the right person is getting the right benefit. (This means records associated with properly authenticated IDs.)

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2000

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