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List of Essays on Human Cloning

  1. A critique of CNN's "The Clone Rangers"
  2. Human Cloning will help cure infertility
  3. The first cloned human embryo
  4. Don't be duped by the Telomere Scare!
  5. Dolly, the famous cloned sheep, and other cloned animals
  6. Storing your DNA for future cloning
  7. About Dr. Richard Seed
  8. Why everyone is chicken to speak out in favor of human cloning
  9. The Human Cloning Romance Menopause and Human Cloning
  10. Don't let congress ban human cloning!
  11. Would cloning make you a better parent?
  12. Is cloning the meaning of life?
  13. Cloning astrophysicist Stephen Hawking

-- scott (, February 08, 2000

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